Image of Ora Oblivionis new lp Autographed NOW SHIPPING

Ora Oblivionis new lp Autographed NOW SHIPPING

$9.99 - $19.99 — On sale

UPDATE UPDATE *The bonus CD will be BTE vol 5, aka Interface Oblivion. 12 tracks, 1990 to 1992. . Release date 2019. BTE 5 is the very first VAC LP recorded on analog tape decks. Collecters edition.. Comes with a sticker and a suprize!

The regular edition and the digital do not contain BTE 5.

The lp is like 4 singles with 4 distinct sounds, indsutrial, metal, goth, etherial. Production is top notch, and the lp is done, we are mastering and manufacturing this lp now. It will hit the streets this fall. Thank you for supporting VAC, you make us thrive. The fans are our gods. We love you all.
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I am working with my new band mate Shiva. Plus our German Drummer Gunnar Singer. Guest Vocals by David Thrussell ov Snog.