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PRE ORDER. This is my way to crowd fund. Release date 2018.

UPDATE *This will be a double disc. 2nd disc will contain first recordings of VAC some rare alt versions of older songs, a couple of songs made better as well. (like the one in the fun with razors box set) collectors edition. Also a small book of the beginnings of VAC and various stories about VAC with photos.

What you get:
CD DIGIPAK double disc Autographed, Keychain, Patch, LP Shirt, Small LP Poster , Digital release as well. Wrack single on the cd. plus the second single is the bonus disc on the ltd bundle only . this is a ltd version of the two physical cds.

*UPDATE* This lp has a working title "edge of oblivion" 4 tracks are super upbeat club smashers, two industrial metal songs, some slower more goth wave tracks like pretty toy. It is diverse and will deliver on sound production and power. It will sound fuller and more balanced than our previous work as i have learned many mixing skill and have obtained many pro tools that get our mixes and mastering to a great level. thanks to the shirt sales and pre orders, i am able to spend money on production and my skills.

I also plan on doing drum work with Chris Kutz, I am working with my new band mate Shiva.


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